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Week in Review: 6/30/13

Movies I Watched This Week

1) Bangkok Revenge - I find it charming most of the time when I see a movie where it's obvious that the cast doesn't speak English and learned to say their lines phonetically, but this time, it didn't distract me from the fact that it was really just a bad movie.  Some okay fight scenes, though.

My Rating:  1.5 / 5

2) Welcome to Dongmakgol - What a terrific movie.  Very moving and well-paced to the point where I didn't even notice it was over 2 hours long.  Read up on it and then check it out - like most of what I watch, it's on Netflix Instant, so you don't have a good excuse not to see it.  I'll have to write about this one in more depth sometime.

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

3) Thief - He sure did steal things.  Could've used a trim of about twenty minutes, but still worth a view.  Notable for being the only decent movie I've seen that had Jim Belushi in a major role.

My Rating: 3.5 / 5
    4) The Square - Maybe it's because I was watching this under poor circumstances, but I found this unbearably slow.  The plot was pretty interesting, though, and it had some really tense scenes, so I guess I'll call it a wash.

    My Rating: 3 / 5

    Total: 4 Movies

    Minutes I Spent Writing

    1) I Need A Job - About 4 hours total, spread across the week.  Current novel length:  55,000 words.  (Estimated Progress to First Draft: 60%)

    2) Untitled Short Movie About Spies With Umbrellas - About 1 hour.  Script length: 5 pages.  (Progress: 100%)

      Total: 5 hours.

      The Winner:  Minutes!

      Yay, I was victorious this week!  I guess it would have been a tie if I didn't count the script.  On the other hand, I am discussing some possible movie-related stuff with friends right now, and if that all pans out as expected, then any script-writing I do will be direct output to the world.  So, I'll say it counts.

      I have even more motivation now - as if I didn't already - to keep working on my novel, because my wife has told me that I'm not allowed to buy anymore movie-related equipment until the book is done.  I better get into it if I have any hope of filming more shorts in the future.