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I Need A Job

I'm writing this on the morning of August 1, 2013, but I'm saving the post for this coming Monday.  My stated goal was to have the first draft of my next novel completed by the time you're reading this.  Fortunately, I managed to wrap up a little early.

I wanted to write something now to capture my current high.  It's a fleeting emotion and it deserves to be remembered for at least a little longer than I normally keep it, regardless of what happens to the novel from here on out.

At this exact moment, I am unstoppable.  I have just finished something incredible.  My gut instinct is that this is the greatest thing I have ever written.  It may not be a fair thing to say, since everything I write is the best thing I have ever written by virtue of being the most experienced thing I have ever written up to that point.  Even so - this is my best work to date.

I Need A Job, Draft One, clocked in around 78,000 words.  This is a significant drop from my initial goal of 90,000, which I talked about previously.  But I think it's a good length.  I've written all the things I really wanted to write and I don't think I rambled too much.  We'll see how the next few drafts go.

It's the story of Julia Orokowski, a college grad who is stuck in that uncomfortable place in her mid-twenties where she has aspirations, but no actual work experiences.  It is the story of her quest for a career and, more importantly, her post-adolescent coming-of-age.

It's also damn funny, in my opinion.  I'm biased as all hell, but it makes me laugh, anyway.

Only about a third of the story is entirely fictional and I'll leave it to the readers to figure out what was made up and what actually happened.  Hopefully, if I've got any modicum of talent, the stories will not be easily separated.

I am eager for the next step in the process.  I really want to just put it out there to the world now to be read.  I'm excited to share it and to bask in the adulation of my new fans.  It doesn't work like that, though.  This is only the first draft, and like any first draft, it's got flaws.  (I already spotting a pretty glaring contradiction upon a quick breeze-through this morning - it involves whether the Orokowskis have a dog or not.)

The next step is going to be to share the draft with a few people whose opinions I value, first and foremost being Stephanie.  Next I'll have to wait a few weeks to let my current pride subside so that I can be more agreeable to deleting things and reworking the parts that aren't so great.  It's a troubling feeling, this enthusiasm.  On the one hand, my spirit is soaring so high that I want to dive into the next project at full speed.  On the other hand, I am completely unwilling to compromise on the novel in its current form.

Except for that bit about the dog.  That needs to be cleaned up.

I'll post an excerpt later when I feel I have something closer to a final draft.  Until then, I guess I should distract myself with my next work.  I think it may be time to start re-working A Tale of 100 Stories.  Remind me to tell you about that some time.