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What would Hemingway think of "Deep Blue Sea?"

I'd been in the mood to re-watch Deep Blue Sea for awhile, especially after listening to the recent We Hate Movies episode about it.  Fortunately, Amazon Prime has it streaming, so it was readily available for me last night.

It's an incredibly dumb movie, but quite a bit of fun.  Perfect for watching with a group of friends and a pizza after you've all had a couple of drinks.

The morning after, I just have one thought that seems to be nagging at me:  would people think less of you as an artist if they found out that you enjoyed schlocky movies?

I hope this doesn't come off as arrogance - I don't think I'm the level of Great Writers from history, and I don't take myself so seriously that I see everything I do as le Art.  But if I ever did become a successful, published writer, I wonder how much of a pretense I'd have to uphold to keep my books marketable?

Again, consider Deep Blue Sea.  If I write a very thoughtful and moving book about a guy who has to come to terms with the death of his children, then people may throw awards my way, they may adapt it into a series of understated off-Broadway performances, they may reprint it for ages.  But they're certainly not going to put, "From a guy who liked Deep Blue Sea!" on the cover.  (They might do that if I write the next _____ Movie with the Seltzerberg guys.)

It can be hard to take somebody's opinion or work seriously if you find out that they had goofy interests.  Suppose you heard that Einstein was really into LOLcat memes, or Rembrandt had a habit of planking on the weekends?  What if Henry Kissinger started a Pinterest account where he just posted pictures of various cross-stitch dragon projects he worked on?

I'd like to think that people would just find these men humanized a bit more and continue to respect their work, anyway, but the public has a habit of demonizing artists for incredibly stupid reasons.  So, maybe I should keep my nonsensical movie tastes a secret just in case.

Or, on the other hand, maybe if I ever am a big deal, it'll encourage more people to get drunk and watch Deep Blue Sea.  So, I will officially announce that I like this movie.  And you know what?  While you're watching it, go ahead and make it a double feature with Deep Rising.

You're welcome.