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Tales From My Shitty House, Part One

In 2011, Stephanie and I bought a fixer-upper. It's a huge property with a spectacular view and an honest-to-God backyard in the middle of the city. We got it cheap because, as I mentioned, it's a fixer-upper.

I've been making progress on it pretty steadily over the last couple of years, and I'm proud of the work I've done even if it does look noticeably amateur. But there's still so much left to work on. And every time it feels like we've come to a point where we can breathe, some new disaster shows up. Or I find out some other dirty secret. Or I find out that all the handyman talents that I actually do have could not prepare me for the next horror.

Case in point: our laundry room. Nobody goes in the laundry room.

I'll fix it eventually.

The main problem is that it's uninsulated.  This means that every winter, we have to time our laundry with the weather.  Otherwise the pipes will be frozen and we will have to choose between going to the laundromat or washing clothes in the tub.

The freezing pipes have always been in the back of my mind as a source of dread, sometimes keeping me awake at night.  I'm always terrified that we'll wake up to the sound of a loud pop, followed by gushing water.  Then we'll go downstairs to find that the contracting and expanding of the pipes as a result of being frozen and thawed back and forth again have resulted in a break.

This cold wave that we've had over the last week put me in a funk.  Particularly because of one forecast that said Baltimore would go to a 4 degree low and then up to a 50 degree high within a 36 hour period.  I couldn't imagine that any kind of infrastructure would survive such a drastic temperature change.

Turns out it couldn't.  If I don't get any writing done this weekend, I've at least got a decent excuse.

I guess I could be upset that the shitty not-floor that we have on the ground is messed up, or I could be upset that there could be mold growing if we don't tend to this right away, or I could be upset that some of our stuff might have been ruined.  But the thing that really upsets me?  I have to solder some pipes.  I hate soldering.  It's the most tedious and unpleasant type of home repair.  Give me insulation, roofing, electrical... anything but soldering.

I kinda miss our old apartment sometimes.