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A Little Success Goes A Long Way

I'm going to keep it short and simple today, because I really only wanted to write a thank you note.  And in my typical fashion, it's not going to be a proper "thank you" until I over-explain it.

Blogging is a very lonely thing to do.  I write this mostly because I just need to be writing something, and putting my stuff out there is a way to at least keep myself focused.  There's also the outside chance that I'll gain a following from it.  So, I constantly check the stats on my readership, and I'm constantly seeing some paltry numbers.

So I go back to writing knowing full well that practically nobody is reading it.  And then some days I will find out that the URLs directing to my site are just referral spam, and so even the 40 hits that show up on my screen - already almost nothing - is an exaggerated number.  The actual number of human beings who looked at my site that day was probably just two or three, if that.

But, on the other hand, when I know that somebody is legitimately reading, it gives me this warm, fuzzy feeling that I've actually got a captive audience.  And suddenly I feel inspired to do more.

I write all of this because I noticed that somebody out there pinned my blog to their Flipboard.  This means that somebody out there thought that not only was my writing interesting, but they wanted to come back for more.  Knowing that there is at least one actual human that's following me, even if just passively, makes a huge difference in my motivation.

So, a huge Thank You to you, anonymous Flipboard reader.  Your simple act has done wonders for me in the last week and I'm incredibly grateful.

Oh, yeah, and Happy St. Patrick's Day, I guess.  Enjoy the booze, fellow loners!