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Happy Anniversary to Me!

My blog turned a year old today, so I'm doing an obligatory "yay for me!" post.  Let me give it my best shot:

*~~~*~~~Hooray for me!~~~*~~~*

Considering that my last attempt at a website fizzled out after only about six or eight months, this is a big accomplishment for me.  Even if I am my own biggest fan.

Since lately I've been talking a lot about Movies, today seems like a good time to spend two paragraphs talking about Minutes:

At an average rate of about 40 minutes spent writing each post, an average length of around 600 words, and 255 posts in the first year, I've spent around 10,200 minutes generating 153,000 words during my blog's first year.

That's equal to 170 hours, or about a month's worth of work at a full-time job if you assumed a 40-hour work week writing two medium-length novels (any genre except fantasy) or one short fantasy novel.

When I look at it like that, it almost seems like it's a massive waste of time.  To think that I could have two more first drafts complete by now if I spent all that time working on my novels instead... but at least I got to see some decent movies.

Major thanks to those of you who keep coming back and putting up with my rants!