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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "Red 2"

Wow!  What a movie!

Bruce Willis is a retired CIA operative.  Sign me up!  He makes lots of the jokes and has a girlfriend.  But she doesn't ruin things.  It's all okay!

In this movie, you will see him shoot many guys and the action is pretty good too.  He even flies a plain at one time!  James Bond, eat your heart out!

The plot is not too much, so you will not get confused.  Bruce Willis (a retired CIA operative) is falsely accusated of killing his government, which HE DID NOT DO.  So he goes on the run with an old buddy of his, and that buddy is played by the guy in the John Malkovich movie!  And you'll never believe, but he can do comedy and makes jokes!

But bad news for these guys:  their is a bunch of other spies after them.  So they have to go all over the world to restore justice.  Catherine Zeta Jones is really gorgeous. Wink!

In the end, there is some surprises and even the Korean is a good guy after all.  But do they beat the bad guys?  You have to watch to find out!

I give this one six stars!