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Week in Review: 9/7/14

Movies I Watched in the Last Week

1) Free Birds - A stupid movie with a cute plot and zany animation is still a stupid movie.  I hate to be the bitter asshole who whines about kids' movies not having a greater depth of character and narrative, but... there's no real need for this one when you've got so many other choices for your animated viewing pleasure.

It was kinda cute, though.  At least there's that.

My Rating: 2.5 / 5

2) Hellevator: The Bottled Fools - To be honest, I turned this one off after only about 40 minutes.  I just wasn't feeling it.  That should automatically put it at a low score, but... I dunno.  It didn't seem bad, just not very engaging.  I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it remained about the same for the rest of the run-time.

My Rating: 2 / 5

3) They Came Together - The IMDb rating of 5.5 that I just saw is ridiculous.  I know that comedy is subjective, but are there really that many people out there who saw fit to down-vote this one?  Y'all are crazy.  This movie was hilarious.

My Rating: 4 / 5

Total: 3 Movies

Minutes I Spent Writing in the Last Week

1) About one hour of miscellaneous story planning.

Total: 1 Hour

The Winner:  Movies...

This has been a terrible week for my writer's block.  I hate getting this far on a novel and then not being able to finish.  It's like having to stop running after you're 24 miles into a marathon.