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Week in Review: 10/19/14

Movies I Watched in the Last Week

1) Antiviral - I'm mixed on this one.  I appreciated the disgusting body horror visuals and the premise was terrific.  There were some great moments.  On the other hand, it was so slow it border on "plodding," and I didn't get the impression that there was any true commentary being made.  A pretty good debut, though, so I'd love to see what Brandon Cronenberg does next.

My Rating: 3 / 5

2) Wake in Fright - So... this was not a horror movie.  I'm a little annoyed that Netflix had it listed as such, at least tangentially.  It was a great and deeply upsetting movie that I just didn't feel like watching this week.  You ever get upset when somebody forces you to watch a good movie?  That's a real specific kind of frustration that should probably be paired with shame.

My Rating: 4 / 5

3) Oculus - This was a great horror movie about a haunted mirror.  I'll have to write more about it next week sometime.  Definitely a good one to watch this Halloween.

My Rating: 4 / 5

Total: 3 Movies

Minutes I Spent Writing in the Last Week


Total: 0 Hours

The Winner:  Movies...

Still slumming it.  Although, I did put off watching (new) movies in order to write some posts for this blog, so that has to count for something, right?