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Paternity Leave Movie Reviews

Dear Readers (All Three of You),

Thanks for continuing to stop by and read my opinions.  It's always a pleasure to have you.

Unfortunately, I'm faced with a dilemma this month.  While I know that I have a duty - nay, a destiny - to tell my opinions to the Internet in the vain hope that somebody will be moved to post a "First!" comment, regular updates are a heavy burden on my shoulders.  I'm typically able to meet the demand Sisyphean schedule without a problem, but we're expecting a baby this month.

Since there's no telling when exactly the labor will begin, I've decided to bank a bunch of miscellaneous movie reviews that will go up throughout November.  There is no theme, nor are any of these reviews timely (unless by pure happenstance).  Mainly I just had thoughts on a bunch of movies I pulled from my collection at random.

I'm hoping to return to my obligations as a fat critic / neurotic in early December, at which point I plan to keep the baby pictures to a minimum.  Unless you want 'em.  Tell me in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween, and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  See you on the other side with some slightly-more relevant discussion.

-J. Chiappelli