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WWE Studios Doesn't Suck?

Want to talk about pleasant surprises?  How about WWE Studios?

Created in 2002 to showcase the acting talents of / capitalize on wrestling superstars, the production company has a distinct style made up of low budgets, unproven directors, and of course, starring roles for pro wrestlers.

Based on this criteria, I'd expect their output to be pretty shitty.  Especially since I'm not a wrestling fan.  But they've put out some surprisingly good work.
Sure, they've released Jingle All the Way 2 and The Condemned, but I'd argue that their hits outweigh their misses.  Wikipedia lists 31 releases as of right now, and of those, two are legitimately great movies (The Rundown and Oculus), four are pretty decent, if flawed (No One Lives, Walking Tall, Dead Man Down and The Call), at least one is hilarious in its ineptitude (12 Rounds), and the rest I have not seen and cannot comment on.  Even if the other 24 movies are all the worst crap in the world, that's still just about a 23% success rate - not bad at all when you think about how hard it is to release one good movie.

Contrast this with Happy Madison Productions, which, in roughly the same time frame, has released 34 movies, of which I would argue only four are any good - and all of them are contentious choices: 50 First Dates, Grandma's Boy, Reign Over Me, and Funny People.  Even rounding up, that's barely a 12% success rate - and considering that I have seen many of the others and they actually are the worst crap in the world, that seems to be an accurate figure.

So how did this happen?  How did a concept like "Let's make a movie studio based entirely on flamboyant and overly-dramatic goons" turn into "Consistently entertaining and baseline competent movies that turn a profit?"

I'm not setting up an intro for an article.  I'm genuinely asking.  I'm impressed.