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Week in Review: 3/15/15

Movies I Watched in the Last Week

1) The Queen of Versailles - One part trashy reality TV, one part social commentary, one part schadenfreude, and one part character study.  This is a great peek behind the scenes of one of the most disgusting rich dudes in the country - a guy so consumed by his wealth, you get the impression that he doesn't even remember how many kids he has, and his trophy wife who seems to only now be gaining sentience and realizing what her place is in his life.  It's a good documentary, but one that you need to watch with a strong stomach.

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

Total: 1 Movie

Minutes I Spent Writing in the Last Week

A whole buncha nothin'.

Total: 0 Hours

The Winner: Movies...

Last week I didn't have an excuse, but this week I totally do: I'm caught up in the melodrama and endless bureaucratic loop that is health insurance.  Barf.  I oughta write a book about... oh, wait.