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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "Icetastrophe"

Wow!  This has to be seen and believed!

If you ever saw bad movies, you would say they're bad, but in some cases their actually the baddest that become good!  And this is that case!

Special effects?  They certainly are "special!"  Like the retarded kind!  LOL

And acting?  It's not good at all!  But they try hard, so it's OK.

The main character is a hardworking AMERICAN MAN, which means I can relate.  But he has a Chinese girlfriend.  I forgive him though, because he saves the day LIKE A MAN.

When his small American town gets hit by meteors, he gets hit by the ice waves that make his town freeze super fast.  And this kills some people, and that made me sad.  But then it was funny because they blamed it on global warming.  And global WARMING does not cause freezing you guys!!!

The plot?  It doesn't go anywhere from there.  So bad!!!

But his ex-wife was a doctor and she saves lives from the weather???  It's like it doesn't make any sense!  That title makes me laugh hard.  What will these guys come up with next?!

This is the funniest ride even though the jokes are not jokes.  I liked that one truck.  I'll buy one.

Seven stars!

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