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Oh, God DAMMIT Christopher Moore....

You son of a bitch.

Really?  And you're even releasing it Fall 2015?

Ugh.  I feel like I need to punch you in the head, Chris.

Okay, so, new readers might not be aware of the situation, but the reason I'm feeling hostile toward Mr. Moore right now is because I, too, was planning on releasing a book titled Secondhand Souls later this year, the plot of which involves the theft of people's souls for resale in a curious black market.

Now, to make it clear, my book is not even remotely the same as Moore's in terms of plot.  For one thing, his is a sequel to the occasionally-clever-but-too-damn-long A Dirty Job, whereas mine is an original, standalone work.  For another, his is (I'm sure) going to be quirky and somewhat lighthearted, whereas mine is very much a dark, grim serio-comedy and political satire.  Think the Coen Brothers meet Dostoevsky meets The Jungle.

But that doesn't really matter.  The fact is, the world can't have two Secondhand Soulses out on the market this year.  (Well, I guess it could, but I don't want to be leeching sales off from people expecting Christopher Moore and getting me instead.  That's bound to backfire.)

So, I need a new title.  Dammit. I loved "Secondhand Souls."  It got straight to the meat of the premise, it was short, it was catchy, it was unique.... maybe not that last one anymore.  Sigh.

Even worse: any ideas / drafts I may have had for a cover have to be thrown out the window.

I don't know now.  Part of me feels like releasing it as "Secondhand Souls," anyway, and part of me wants to just give up and work on something else to put out on Amazon this year.  I'm terrified that the book won't be as marketable if people know there's another soul-themed comedy by an established name.  Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to avoid being responsible if the book fails.

Welp.  Time to go brainstorm something catchier, funnier, and more descriptive than "Secondhand Souls."  Souls for Sale?  Mary and the Great Soul Adventure?  Bummer Soulstice?

Anybody have any ideas?

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