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Top Five Month, Pt. 2!

We're back with more Top Five!

So, if you thought we had a hard time coming up with last week's list, you have no idea.  This week, things at Movies or Minutes HQ got even more insane.  Screaming matches, fistfights, open rebellion and protests... but in the end, we put on a pot of coffee, we stayed up all night, and we finally agreed on a definitive list of the...

5. The Half-Rum Pot in November 2012

You know your day's off to a good start when you can't even taste the coffee!

I don't even remember what happened afterward, but that was some good stuff.  Good enough to make it to Number Five!

4. The Hospital Coffee in November 2014

Pretty sweet cup of coffee, dude!  Technically it wasn't a full pot, but I have never had anything so mind-blowing, and that's why this cup made it to the coveted Top Five.

It almost makes you wonder if there was something special going on in my life at the time.  Hmm.

Welp, I can't think of anything.  On to the next one!

3. The Tub of Coffee Flavored Ice Cream That Melted in July 1996

WHOOOOOAAA!  This is why Summer was invented!

At first we thought it was a mistake that we left that tub on the counter, but you know what they say about genius, right?  It's 80% hard work and 20% happy accidents.  And this is the most delicious 20% I can recall, which makes it good enough for Numbero Treso on the Top Five.

2. That Coffee from Medieval Times in September 2004

You know what makes jousting even better?  Jousting on CAFFEINE, amirite?!

The Red Knight probably would've won on that fateful day regardless, but I like to think he was driven to the top purely from the beams of happy energy radiating from my bench.  And that's why this pot secures the coveted Part Deux of the Top Five.

1. The Coffee That Kept My Heart Alive in January 2015

Really, there was no other choice that could top this list.

It's a rare day when your heart stops - and even rarer when your start it back up again using a simple beverage.  Yup, that pot of coffee I brewed on that fateful day this past January was the only thing that staved off the cold grip of death while the doctors tried to figure out what was wrong with me.

But in the end, they put on a pot of coffee, they stayed up all night, and they replaced my heart with a plutonium-core quad-pump, which means I'm lucky enough to write about it now at Top #1 on the Top Five top list.

Ironically, the coffee the doctors had was pretty shitty, so it wouldn't even make the Top Hundred.

Well, that's all this time, folks, but join us again next Tuesday for some more Top Five!

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