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Top Five Month, Pt. 3!

And we're back for more Top Five!

(Haven't seen Part 1 or Part 2 yet?  It's not too late to check 'em out!)

Wow, three weeks in and Movies or Minutes HQ is looking like a war zone!  It is just crazy trying to pin these things down to only the Top Five!  Fistfights have turned into all-out knife fights, hostages have been held and gunned down to prove a point, and marriages have ended, but in the end, we put on a pot of coffee, we stayed up all night, and we came up with the definitive list of the...

5. Top Five Nineteenth Century Abuses of Power by the Papacy!


Who knew all the trivia that came forth in this particular Top Five?  I sure didn't!  Fantastic!  That's a Top Five Top Five if I ever heard one.  Who's the Pope now?  Doesn't matter!  Next list, please.

4. Top Five Yo Mamma Jokes!

We've all been there before, right?  Somebody cheeses you off and you think, "Damn, if only I could think of a good comeback?"  Well, think no longer!

Yup, the Top Five Yo Mamma Jokes has turned out to be a bottomless well of reference material in our various battles of wits over the years, and that's why it earned a spot on this week's Top Five.

3. Top Five Larry the Cable Guy Movies!

Who doesn't love a good cable guy?

We love ya, Larry!  Your gentle-natured intolerance for shirts, grammar, and brown people is what made us give your list the coveted Number Three!

2. Top Five Wall Outlets in My Shitty House!

I know what you're thinking: a whole list about one person's house?  And you're putting this at Number Two?

Well, I don't blame you for your skepticism, but what really made this list special was the tension behind the final choices.  There were only seven outlets to choose from in total, so we ended up plugging an entertainment center into each one and trying out a Mario Kart marathon to figure out which ones were the best.  The countless hours of good-natured competition were enough to secure a spot here on the Top Five.

[Editor's note: Entries #2 and #3 on this list are no longer active due to a flooding mishap, but the other three outlets are still recommended.]

1. Top Five Defensive Strategies When Cornered at Movies or Minutes Headquarters!

Spoiler alert: they've all got weaknesses!

That's right, John.  Go on and and keep pretending the ol' "bear-trap in the toilet" trick will save you.  But I've got the only key to the front door, and I say that cherry Jolly Ranchers stay at Number Six.  Your children will weep.

Absolutely insane!  Well, that's all this time, but join us again next Tuesday for the final Top Five list of Top Five month - you won't want to miss it!

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