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Top Five Month!

Heeeeeeeeeey Internet!  What's happening, bros?!

So, I've been seeing that the whole "make a list of things" thing may not just be a passing fad, but rather the future of the Internet.  And instead of being a whiny bum about it, I figured I'd seize the day and follow suit.

So for the whole month of July, I'm pleased to bring you Top Five Tuesdays!

That's right: it's a new Top Five List every week for the whole month.  Check in regularly and chime in if you think I might have missed something.  But otherwise, let's get the party started!

This week:

That's right.  Breakfast foods.

It's not easy to cull down to just five items, as I'm sure you can guess.  Here at Movies or Minutes Headquarters, we got into some pretty brutal arguments, some pretty heated shouting matches, and even exchanged a few blows.  But in the end, we put on a pot of coffee, we stayed up all night, and we came up with the definitive list of the Top Five Breakfasts I Ever Ate.

5. That Breakfast Burrito I Made Yesterday Morning

It had cheese, egg, and avocado. Also known as: the three Pillars of Heaven.

Seriously, this was a mega-tasty 'rito.  The only reason it didn't place higher is because I forgot the sour cream.  For shame!  But still, the ol' C-E-A combo was more then enough to land a coveted spot on the Top Five.

4. The Onion Bagel With Two Inches of Cream Cheese in May 2007

Ho-lee crap.  What a bagel.

I've always said that bagels are basically a delivery system for cream cheese, and boy did this bagel deliver.  Two solid inches of the good stuff.

(Yeah, that's what she said!)

Whoa!  Thanks, Radical Cat!

3. The Bowl of Captain Crunch With Pieces of Bacon in February 2011

Bacon alert! Bacon alert!

Yeah, you know it's gotta be good if it has bacon in it.  That's why pigs were invented!

And it turns out that Captain Crunch has just the right consistency to balance the salt of the bacon with just enough glass to dig the flavor deep into your gums.  That flavor blast is why this bowl made it to Number Three.

2. That Mint Chocolate Flavored Lip Balm on Christmas 1992

Technically not a food item, but it did the trick!  I didn't even want to eat after that.

For a meal to last the whole day, it's got to be special.  And that's why the lip balm made it to Number Two.

And now... the ultimate breakfast... it's time for our Number One pick:

1. The Orb of Ultimate Knowledge on August 7, 1997

Really, there was no other choice that could top this list.

I don't know what it is about ultimate knowledge, but it just gets you off on the right foot.  Ever since that fateful day, breakfast has been a little bit colder and blander... but it's still the most important meal of the day, so don't skip it, kids.

Well, that's all for this week, but tune in next Tuesday for a brand new Top Five.  See you then!

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