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Redbox really wants me to watch Paul Blart 2.

Anybody else getting these emails?

This is now at least the sixth email Redbox has sent me that highlights Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.  I don't get it.

I mean, I "get" it in a macro sense.  I understand that film companies pay boatloads of money to promote their movies and in some cases that means signing deals with distribution / rental companies who will give preference to certain titles over others, and I also understand that anything produced by Happy Madison necessarily has to be over-promoted in order to convince a certain percentage of the population to buy into their stuff and justify Sandler's confused existence.

But I don't get why they keep sending it to me.  No offense to fans of the Paul Blart franchise - I hope you guys enjoyed the sequel - but this ain't my bag.

I have never paid to watch Paul Blart, nor have I ever Googled "Paul Blart" except for that one time I wrote a post about bad movie titles and needed a link or two.  I've routinely complained about Happy Madison Productions and have given sufficient data to all the major corporations that track my movie consumption habits that it should be pretty obvious by now that I'm not likely to watch anything that includes the words "Paul Blart" or has any similarity.  (Which may be a problem, since that movie Tall Part: All Top sounds interesting.)

I guess my point is, I don't understand why a company like Redbox can't figure out by now that no matter how many times they tell me they have "five movies we think you'll like," and no matter how many $0.50 off coupons they give me, I'm just not interested in Paul Blart.  Could you at least move it down to the line of smaller pictures?  Maybe give top billing to whatever new Liam Neeson movie is out?

Netflix has figured out how to tailor to my interests, even if they occasionally want me to watch Bratz cartoons.  Amazon knows how to play me like a trumpet.  Even Hulu is getting better at predicting how to keep me on their site.

Last weekend I actually went to a Redbox kiosk just to check out the options, and you know what they had copies of?  What We Do in the Shadows.  I would watch that. (I didn't at the time because I didn't have the budget for it, but I would if I could.)  Why didn't they email me about that one?

Redbox.., the technology exists,  You can totally sucker me into your business model.  It's possible.  Use the Internet wisely, my friends.

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