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Week in Review: 8/16/15

Movies I Watched in the Last Week

1) Faults - Two reasons to see this movie: 1) It's an evenly-paced, well-executed, tense, low-key thriller about cults, and that's always a good thing.  2) Leland Orser plays the lead.  How often can you say that?  Totally worth you time.

My Rating: 4 / 5

2) The Escapist - A beautifully tragic and tense film about desperation and, naturally, escapism.  I don't think I've seen another movie where Brian Cox was as sympathetic and endearing.  (Rushmore might be the closest?)  It's a bit of a slow burn for the first half, but once you get a feel for the movie's chronology and characters, it becomes a nail-biter.  Definitely recommended.

My Rating: 4 / 5

3) The Master - I know I should probably be rating this movie higher since Paul Thomas Anderson is kinda like a film god right now, but I found this movie to be something of a chore.  Sure, the performances were excellent, Joaquin Phoenix's broken protagonist was compelling, and there were some brilliant reality-bending scenes... but it moved forward with the energy and gait of a ninety year-old man dragging a sled uphill.  I'm just not a patient man, I guess.

My Rating: 3 / 5

Total: 3 Movies

Minutes I Spent Writing in the Last Week

1) Protocol (Short Story) - About one hour of writing a first draft.

2) Bitter People Without Souls - About three hours on pre-publication planning.

Total: 4 Hours

The Winner: Minutes!

Whoo!  Figured out a better title for my book!  I figured I'd go for the "direct and angry" approach.  More appropriate than something punny and clever, I think.

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