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"Bitter People Without Souls" Is Now Available on!

After two years of hint-dropping, my latest book, Bitter People Without Souls, is finally available for purchase on!

You can get it in either paperback or Kindle versions for the low, low cost of money, and it comes in a convenient multi-paragraph format.  If you like what you see, please don't be shy about leaving a review - the feedback is much appreciated.

For those who haven't been reading my blog and don't want to read the book summary on Amazon, BPWS concerns an alternate version of our world where human beings are not always born with a soul.  Mary Swanson works as a claims analyst for a company that processes medical insurance claims for soul implant procedures, but when an unexpected family tragedy occurs, she winds up stuck with an insurmountable debt.

There's a silver lining in her misery, though. Thanks in part to the guy who (in a roundabout way) kinda screwed her over, she can be part of the world's first ever black market for souls.  But will she lose her own in the process?

Bitter People Without Souls is a darkly comic suspense novel that I'd describe as The Coen Brothers meet Dostoevsky. If you're interested in a meditation on human greed and misery with the occasional joke, go buy a copy today.  And please remember to let the world what you think with a quick review. (Also: thanks!)

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