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I guess I was easily amused by "The Art of the Steal" (2014)

You ever watch something and you like it a lot, and then you think, "Wow, this must have been on everybody's Recommended List in 2014," and then you log on to Rotten Tomatoes or something and you see this?

Seriously?  I'm the only one?

It's not even a case where the critics savaged it and audiences loved it.  Everybody shrugged at this one.

It doesn't look like people hated it so much as they just thought it was a dull throwaway flick.  Even so... I dunno, guys.  I kinda loved this movie.

I wouldn't go so far as a 5 / 5, but this is easily a 4 / 5.  It's the kind of movie I always hope I'm about to find on Netflix when I pick something on a whim.  The sort of movie I could pop on and watch again and again.  It's fun, it's snappy, its jokes work, and it brings just enough fresh air to its material while hitting all the familiar chords that you know exactly what you're getting.

The Art of the Steal is like eating at an Applebee's when you're on vacation and you've spent the last three days running back and forth taking in sights and eating at all the mom-and-pop cafes.  Some people are probably going to sneer at you for going to a chain restaurant, but you know what?  Fuck those guys.  You've had a busy week and you did all the cool local stuff.  Sometimes it's nice to just sit in a familiar-looking booth and eat that delicious burger that you've been thinking about lately.  There's so much joy in the simple pleasure of being able to get exactly that.

It's cinematic comfort food, and that's a good thing, not a complaint.  I wouldn't want to watch a movie like this every day, but Jesus Christ, I'd be ready to murder for one of these if I've been watching nothing but Fellini and Godard all week.

(You know what?  Total honesty here.  The Art of the Steal is a better movie than Alphaville.  Man, that movie burned me.  Critics are kinda full of shit sometimes, you guys.)

The only problem I really had with The Art of the Steal... was when I went online and found out that I'm in the minority.  Learning that a movie you really dug is considered mediocre (at best) by the public at large tends to make you second guess your convictions.  Bummer.

Welp... that's enough self pity.  I voiced my opinion and I'm standing by it.  You know what other movie I liked that everyone else thinks is garbage?  Speed 2.  But at least Ebert agreed with me on that one.

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