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Why doesn't anybody die anymore?

I hate to be a crank about this, but I seriously am going to need characters to start dying again in my movies.

I don't know when this state of immortality began.  Maybe it's not the movies that have changed - maybe it's just that I've become more aware.  I just know that I've grown tired of it.

Last time I complained about it was when I watched The Winter Soldier, but I can at least forgive that one a little bit because it's a comic book movie and, as I understand it, nobody ever dies for real in comic books.

The most recent movie where this irked me was Home.  The movie is a mixed bag: fun action scenes, the occasional laugh, the occasional groaner, sentimentality that wavers between genuine and saccharine.  I mostly liked it, but I just got kinda angry when the alien dude died at the end.

...because of course he didn't actually die.  Why would he?

In this particular case, the alien dude shoves his new human friend to safety and then appears to get crushed by a giant piece of machinery, and shortly after all the other characters tear up, the machinery movies and reveals he was standing where a hollowed-out part of it landed.  Naturally.

I mean, it's fine, I guess.  It's not that I really wanted the alien dude to die or anything.  I just don't need the movie rubbing their stupid fake-out in my face as if I'd be fooled by it.  When a character makes a big, grandiose sacrifice at the end of a kids' movie, you know they're just going to show up alive and well in the next scene.  The lack of suspense isn't really the thing that bothers me; it's the presumptuousness.

I guess the argument could be made that the movie is for kids and so the filmmakers suspect they'll trick a kid or two into being scared for the fifteen seconds that the character appeared to die, but that's not really an excuse.  Using a cliche on a kid because they're too naive to realize it's a cliche just proves how lazy of a storyteller you really are.

Wouldn't your story be both more logical and more meaningful if people died and things had consequences?  And if you don't want to kill a character off, wouldn't your story be more interesting and memorable if you found a more innovative way to end it than to just briefly pretend they got hurt?

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