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Thanks to whoever bought my book!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a quick recap of some of my Amazon figures for the books I've self-published.  Today is the last day of my advertising campaign (for now), so I thought I'd circle back and give a quick update.

The final number of units sold / given away: 60.  Not amazing, but when you add in the books I personally gave away and the ones purchased by friends, I've finally cracked triple digits.  This was one of my goals from 2015... looks like I was just a little bit late.  Oh, well.  Lessons learned.

The really big news, though, is this: I sold (not gave away) a copy of Bitter People Without Souls to a total stranger.  As in: somebody unrelated to Facebook and/or my extended network of friends and acquaintances saw my ad on Amazon, clicked on it, and bought the book.

I'm breaking out the champagne.

I know a single sale is nothing to write home about, but holy shit, I'm writing home.  This is the first time I can legitimately claim I made a sale without any qualifiers or special considerations.  I don't care if it's the only one.  It's proof that it can be done.

It's the kind of validation that neurotic people like me need.  For the first year of my blog, I wasn't even going to self-publish because I didn't think it would make me an "official" writer.  Well, how much more official can you get when you put a book on sale, marketed it yourself, and get paid for it?

I'll take joy in whatever success I get.  Even the slightest, tiniest bump gives me hope and fills me with pride.  A major "thank you" goes out to whoever bought my book.  You may not realize it, but your purchase will forever be a milestone for me, no matter what happens next.

And to whoever is the next person to buy it?  I'm sorry that I probably won't get quite as psyched, but a major "thank you" goes out to you, too.

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