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How have I missed "Last Week Tonight" for so long?

If you've looked at my site for more than ten minutes, you've probably noticed that I'm not usually on top of pop culture.  I've entered that phase of life where I realize there's literally hundreds of more important things to prioritize over keeping up with Internet debates about casting choices in the latest comic book movies.  (This is another way of saying, "I'm a parent.")

So I'm not all that surprised that I hadn't watched a single episode of Last Week Tonight until now.  What I am surprised by is how good it is.

I'd always enjoyed John Oliver's work whenever I've seen him on The Daily Show and Community.  I just kind of lumped him into the broad category of "good comedians who deliver, but nothing amazing." And then I saw his episode on Donald Trump from March of this year.


Oliver is by far the best news / talk show host I've ever seen.  His writing staff is sharper than that of TDS (apologies to the Floppers) and his sense of timing, his casual self-deprecation, and his ability to simultaneously summarize and cut through convoluted and difficult subject material to deliver a concise and well-informed point of view are impeccable.

I'd heard positive buzz surrounding the show for awhile, but I did what I always tend to do with buzz and I ignored it.  After all, the same folks who praise John Oliver are not unlikely to, in the next breath, tell me that South Park is still on point.

But the hype is substantiated.  It's not just a funny show, it's a funny show that can back up its claims with well-thought, well-researched, well-argued points.  There's nothing more immediately engaging than a double-punch of hilarious and smart.

It's been a long time since I saw something that so immediately hooked me and drove me into a full-on marathon mode.  I'm eagerly awaiting the next chance I'll have to watch back-to-back reruns after Lulabelle has gone to bed and I can give the show my full attention.

I'm delighted to know it's been a smashing success so far - a satirist this brilliant needs to be heard, especially right now when the most rabid voices of hate and bigotry are so loud.  I only regret that I haven't been watching from the beginning.  John Oliver is kind of like your work buddy who has a drink with you on Friday and says, "No, you're not crazy... the office actually was acting stupid this week."

(Apologies to the office.)

Thanks for the laughs, John.  I'll be watching from now on.