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I suspected "Monsters Inc" would wreck us....

I saw Monsters, Inc. in theaters when it came out in 2001, and like most, I adored it immediately.  It's a movie that fills me with so much warm nostalgia and joy that I've actually conflated my memories of it and now recall it being one of my first date movies with my wife. Unlikely - we didn't start dating until 2003.

But that's not the point.  Monsters, Inc. is one of those movies that I watched back when I was a dumb teenager and sneered at a lot of things.  I don't recall ever hating Boo, the little girl that the monsters befriend, but I certainly didn't find her as adorable as she was intended to be, nor did I have any kind of paternal attachment.

And why would I?  I was 17 at the time.  My attitude toward kids was, "Fine, if they must exist, but keep 'em out of my sight."

It had been awhile since either Stephanie and I had watched it, so we put it on the other day to see how Lulabelle would enjoy it.  The results were exactly as you expect.

I mean, I hate to turn this blog into "the continuing adventures of things that make us cry for no good reason," but damn if that isn't how life feels lately.  Part of me wants to say it's because Boo looks like Lulabelle:

...but then part of me thinks, "No, they're just little girls with dark hair in pigtails.  Keep it together, man!"

Regardless, we were both in a state of ugly sobs, staining our couch with tears of unexpected strength while Lula looked on and merely giggled.  She enjoyed it, at least.

He had to leave Boo behind, Lu!  Don't you understand!?

So, long story short, I think we're going to put a moratorium on Pixar for a few years.  At least until Lula and her younger sister have reached a stage where their precociousness is occasionally annoying.