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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice"

I saw this on my birthday, and let me tell you, that was some good cake.  Batman would be proud.

Speaking of Batman, here he is on an important mission.  When Superman becomes a Mexican, the nation is in great danger.  So he invites the Avengers to help him on a quest of peace.  They fight Lex Luthor with missiles and save the day after all.

But wait!  Superman is a true hero in the end, which you don't expect.  It's tragically that he dies in the final battle.

This is a good movie about the US Army and the sacrifices our soldiers make.  Superman is really like our supermen and the way they save our freedoms.  This is why I liked this movie.  Not to be all political, but women shouldn't serve.

When it's not about soldiers, it's still okay.  Batman has a good scene where he dreams of the past and has to alliance with robots to fight off bad mutants.  Say!  That's kind of like Monsanto!

I didn't like the part with the slow motion.  Slow?  No!  Heroes go fast!  So silly.

I'm looking forward to another Avengers movie, even though I don't read the comics.  Except for Bettle Bailey.  He should make a movie with the family circus.  Maybe the circus is closing and Sarge has to train his boys to save it before an evil landlord buys it.  That's a winner!

In short, buy a ticket.  Don't steal from the studios like a CON MAN.

I give it four smiles.