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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "Delgo"

I never saw it coming!  Delgo packs a punch.  It's a mystery that never stops guessing.

When Val Kilmer gets a magic bean, he trades it for a fish monster that wants to fly.  They practice their wing-flapping for lots of nights and learn a lesson about not giving up.  This is the boring part of the movie in my opinion.  X-rated games?  No thanks!

But things get better in the next act where they discover a secret plot by the Nohrin to kindap a princess and make her into the mother of a gene experiment.  Wow!  Sounds like North Korea!  LOL!

Chris Kattan makes a lot of jokes.  He should get an Oscar!

There's a big surprise ending you'll never guess.  Did you guess it?  Here's a hint: the princess was the secret villain behind it.  Yeah, you guessed it!  Sedessa is a bad person with communism!

I didn't care for the violence.  A kid movie is not a place to share your ideas about eye gouging.  But on the other hand, I liked the part where the ladies kissed.  Kyla has good boobs for a cartoon lady.  Did you ever see that porno with Velma?  Strange feelings!

In short, it's a good movie for the family, just not for the babies.  This isn't your father's cartoon!

I give it three smiles.