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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "Divergent"

Puzzle time!  Is Divergent the best movie ever made?

Time's up!

The answer is that it's your opinion to choose, but for me, Divergent teaches a good message to kids about many things.  I liked all the parts where they take a stand against the evil government.

But more important, this is a movie about changing yourself.  If you're born special, you need to be kept in a separate group where you don't mess up lives of others.  So, if you don't change, you diverge.  But Divergent does a good job of changing and helps to put society back in the right place where people keep to themselves.

But why is Divergent the main star?  Her boyfriend is more good at kicking.  He should start a soccer team!  LOL!

There is a great scene where the kids work on a farm.  I should hire them to work on my house sometime.  I've got a lot of repairs to make.

In conclusion, I will have sex with Titanic lady if she ever asks me to.

I give it three smiles.