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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "Dumb and Dumber To"

Now this is more like it!

The first Dumb & Dumber was okay.  It had a good scene where they farted and that made me laugh.  But after that?  Not much.  They make too many concessions to the liberal media.

But the sequel knows how to be edgy the right way!  It opens with Jeff Daniels tripping on a colostomy bag.  Take that colostomy bag!  You can't tell us what to do!

In a later scene, they eat food at a Chinese house and adopt a white boy. I like the part where Jim Carrey tells them off.  Ha!  You can't corrupt our young people, Mao Tse Tung!  Take your politics back to Vietnam!

The movie is a little slow when they look for the replacement kidney. It could have used a little more farting here.

It reminds me of a time when I watched The Mask in the theater and my seat was damp.  I complained to the manager and they gave me a free soda.  That's a deal you can't beat!

So in conclusion, you should watch this movie.  It's funnier and cruder than the first and that makes a lot of people happy.  Or, if you want to be part of THE LAME, you can complain about it.  But for me?  Complaining is not a way to spend a comedy when you can laugh at people in wheelchairs instead.

I give it four smiles!