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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie"


This is a movie that gets it.  Kids are too spoiled today with technology. They don't get the values of working together like TRUE AMERICANS.

That is why I think this is one of best kid movies ever made.  A true heartwarming tale of teamwork and working together.  The kids in Garbage Pail Kids are a true family, not like fake hollywerid families on so-called "sitcoms."

Take for example the scene where the kids beat up the freaks.  That's a good scene!  They see invading weirdos from Mars and join forces to defend Earth, then drown the fat one in the sewer.  Such heroism!

And later, they come up with great plan to have the Garbage Freaks put in an insane asylum.  It's such a smart move from a smart movie.

My only complaints with this one is that in the end, the Garbage Monsters have to be set free.  Guess that's what happens in NObama's america.... the liberals don't want a good ending where the good guys can put the weirdos away WHERE THEY BELONG.

I still liked it though.  Watch this with the whole family!  I sure did!

I give it four smiles!