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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "La Dolce Vita"

La Dolce Vita, or "The Life of Dolce" in real words, is a hip, new movie by the guys who made that book about the boat with the tiger in it.  But unlike that thing, which had NO JESUS in it, this is a story on a whole new level.

This is the movie of a guy who goes on a quest to make love better than anyone else in all time.  He has to practice many exercises in his hotel room at first, and when he falls out the window, watch out!  You don't want to get hit by that!  Because people are heavy.

Dolce watches a statue fly, and then he goes to hear some poetry.  His lady friend dances in a fountain and they think he might be ready for his mission from God.  So he goes to Italy.  Mussolini?  Not this time, buddy!  America was on the case!

Your welcome, Italy.

Later they find a monster in the ocean that gives Dolce a major erection.  This is a symbol of God's purity that makes him ready to inject women with his faith.  That was how they converted Europe.  Hey, sounds like a good weekend!  LOL!

So, I guess you can say it's a weird movie sometimes, but weird is okay.  Some people aren't into weird, but when you ask me for my opinion?  Weird isn't anything to be ashamed of, like when you see a movie that's bad.  No, weird is a thing you say yes to when you want to find something new.  I don't care who knows it.  This is a movie that pushes the envelope.  Just like that time things tingled when I was watching WWE.  Faith happens in weird ways.

My favorite part was when the Nazi melted.

I have four smiles for this one!