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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "The Ridiculous Six"

Adam Sandler does it again!  It sure is ri-"dick"-ulous, if you know what I mean!

This is the new classic about five great warriors in the American Wild frontier, where men are men.  They have adventures with a layabout dad who has too much fun on the side, but no responsibility.  Hey!  Sounds like the government!  LOL!

Many Indians are upset by his portrayal, and they are wrong for the offense because Sandler is making them happy idols.  The Six are the most positive role models for Indians since I last saw The Searchers!

Taylor Lautner?  He is a pretty boy with heart of gold.  Very pretty.  When he plays the games with Rob Schneider, they make a music of the soul.

Did you ever watch ballet and it made you cry?  Me either.  That's why this movie is so funny.  It is not afraid to take a hard position on real issues.

My favorite part was where they farted.

I give it five smiles.