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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "Soul Man"

Wow!  What a movies!

This is the classic '80s comedy about C. Thomas Howell who turns black after he eats a fortune cookie and learns a lot.  He has many sexual hijinks and saves the day by becoming a lawyer.

Not a lot know this, but blacks are people too and have many thoughts on dating Rae Dawn Chong. This is why I think Soul Man is one of the greatest.  It reminds you that all are the same deep down.

I don't understand being afraid of laughing about your differences.  The best way to be brothers is to point and laugh.  Those who hate this movie are just Social Juice Warriors with no humor.

I especially like the part where C. Thomas Howell east the bagel and his friend mistakes him for Jewish.  Ha!  Jewish black!  That's not a thing.  HOLLYWEIRD.

All the sad things is that the ruse ends. The Soul Man becomes white again and is no longer getting a scholarship.  What?  Reverse racism.

But C. Thomas Howell is the better man and punches dicks for justice.  Heartwarming!

I give it four smiles.