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A Sorta Welcome Non-Baby Surprise / June 2016 Sales Update

Howdy, all.  I'm back from my paternity leave / vacation and ready to re-assume command of my blog.  Hope you all enjoyed your time with Fun_Dad_82.  If so, I'm sure he'll be back soon.  If not, well, we won't be asking him around for that long again.

Full disclosure: I've been banking posts for as long as I can to manage my time as effectively as possible.  Even though we should have had our second baby by the time this goes up, she's still not here while I'm writing this.  So if you tuned in for a baby update, please check again in another week or two when the reserves have dried up.

In the meantime, I'm coming to you from the past to share semi-exciting news.  I have just received a payment from for copies of my books sold so far.  Hooray!  I've officially received my first writing paycheck!

...and now I'm going to immediately shoot myself in the foot to deflate whatever ego boost that might have given me.

Y'see, I actually didn't get paid by choice.  Amazon (the only place where you can buy my books right now) previously asked self-publishers to choose between checks or wire transfers when receiving income.  Since I try not to share banking information whenever I can, I opted for the physical check.  The downside?  Amazon would only pay out in increments of $100.

So for about the last year and a half I've been watching my sales slowly inch their way to that magical limit, dollar by dollar, until the magical day finally came.  Depending on the exact number sold of each title, this would equate to somewhere between 50 and 75 total books - a humble goal by any measure.

I was getting close to it.  And then Amazon discontinued payments by check, stating that all remittances would be via direct deposit from now on.  Bleah.

So, it's a good news / bad news situation.  Either that or I just have a knack for finding the clouds on a sunny day.

On the other hand, another total stranger bought a copy of Bitter People a few weeks ago, so that's exciting.  I now have two confirmed sales to non-family / non-friends, and I've doubled my profits by 100% over the course of a month.  This is either a troubling batch of self-delusion or the right attitude, I'm not sure which.  To extend my metaphor further, if I'm going to look for those clouds on a sunny day, I'm gonna make sure they have a silver lining, goddammit.