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Baby Updates, Round II

No writing journal update this week.  Instead, it's time to do the new dad thing and share pictures of our new baby.

Meet Sonja Mabeline.

Last time we welcomed a new baby, I did a week-long series of posts about her.  I probably won't be doing that this time.  It's not that I love Sonja any less - it's just that her birth was so much less dramatic.  Stephanie had a scheduled, uneventful C-section without any complications and Sonja has been healthy, calm, and lovable ever since.

I frame everything in terms of stories, and there simply isn't one here.  No conflict, ergo no resolution.  That's a good thing for life, but not so great for driving clicks to my blog.

We've been adjusting to life with a second kid pretty well so far.  Or at least, I have - I'm sure Steph is having a rougher time with it since she bears the brunt of the duty; I cannot as of yet breastfeed.  There might be a pill for that.  It's a conversation for another day, I think.

It's astonishing how all the steps of having a baby have been dulled this time around.  There's no novelty or shock value to them.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby poo is gross, she makes feral noises when hungry, crying all the time, what else do you got?  It's just the same old, same old.

The only source of alarm this time around is that I fear I may not give Sonja enough attention compared to Lulabelle.  I keep thinking about how every little thing Lu did was video-worthy, how I wanted to blab on and on to anyone who would listen about how exciting life as a parent is.  Now?  I'm just excited to sleep.  But that's not fair to Sonja.  She deserves to be fawned over just the same.

It'll happen, I'm sure.  Later.  When she's doing more stuff besides soiling and screaming. The first smile will probably be the turning point.  Something you should know, if you don't have kids, is that babies less than a month old are hideous.  Their features are distorted, they don't know any cool tricks, and their one form of communication ranks among the three most obnoxious sounds on the planet.  It takes a few weeks before they start resembling a tiny human.

They also barely look the same after a few months.  As evidence, I submit the following photo, which was taken only a week after the one above.  Sure, the angles don't match up, but she already looks a little different.

Right now we're still playing the guessing game of trying to figure out where she got all her features. I'm losing each round.  Sonja has a Rorschach face.  If you squint and tip your head a bit, you can see anybody from either side of the family you damn well want.  The only surefire thing we can say is she got her skin tone from me.  And for that, I apologize.  Wasn't my intent, Sunny.  Remember to use sunscreen.

I'm excited to learn more about this one.  To discover all her quirks and anxieties, and to see her dreams take shape in step with her older sister's.  I fear I'll disappoint her because I'm too busy or because I don't dote enough.  And I feel obligated to take more pictures so she doesn't feel neglected when she's thirteen and realizes that there's way more photos of Lulabelle in the family album.  Man, that feeling sucks.  I apologize again, Sunny.  You've got a hell of a life ahead of you.