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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "Three Kings"

Such a subtle political satire!  You don't see movies like this anymore these days, what with America becoming dumber and all.  Kids today don't understand politics, and that's why they need to watch this.

George Clooney and Ice T make a subtle plan to steal gold from Iraqis at the end of the war.  And joining them on their plan is Mark Wahlberg.  He's Jewish, but he's okay here.  When they travel into the desert, it is like Lawrence of Arabia, but mixed with satire.

Nobody is safe in this movie!  They make fun of everyone, including newscasters and Iraqis.  Watch out, Connie Chung!

Where it really shines is how they portray the oil companies.  The satire is so smart when they show how opportunism mixes up your motives and you end up in quagmires with no clear end game.  They make fun of the military intelligence that makes bad choices, and by the end, you realize they're really making a statement on the Civil War.

Why did Lincoln draft the North?  Why did he sign a Proclomation for the South?  Why does the federal government trade blood for oil?  Just ask the questions.  Don't let the news media lie to you.

The part I don't get is why they call it "Three Kings."  Theirs definitely four of those guys.  The fourth guy made that show about racing in shopping carts and showed his butt on TV.  That's a monarchy I can get BEHIND!

Show this to your kids and make sure they take notes.  They need to learn.

Also, I would blow up the shit out of that camel, too.

I give it five smiles!