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Programming Notes

Not to undercut myself, but today's post is geared specifically to a group of people that right now probably exists only in my head: my loyal fans.

Detail-oriented followers of this site may have noticed a few interruptions and delays in my posts over the last couple of weeks.  I've missed a handful of updates for the first time in three years and been a bit light on content here and there.

The main reason for this is because I have two kids now, and they're, like, needy.  Who knew?

The bottom line is that I just don't have time to post all of my regular updates and write my books and commit to my day job and raise the kids.  Something has to give.  And since my ultimate goal behind this website was to keep my writing on track, it doesn't make a lot of sense to take away from my writing time in order to post random drivel about pop culture five years too late that only a dozen or so people will read at any given time.

So, I'm changing up my schedule just a bit.  Instead of updates five times a week, I'm dropping to four.  Mondays will be Hipster Holy Grail reviews, Wednesdays will be writing journal updates, Fridays will be miscellaneous - but most likely reviews of kid stuff - and then Sundays will continue to be my Week in Review posts.

It's not a dramatic change, but I hope it's just enough to give me some much needed breathing room.  As an added bonus, it means I get to take this week off from the HHG.  Sorry, guys, no review this Thursday.  But trust me, it's worth coming back on Monday for the next one - it's a great one.

Thanks to all who still check in here regularly.  Stick around for more of the same, just a tiny bit less.