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A quick reminder to those who are self-publishing on CreateSpace...

...make sure you get a really bright version of your cover and double-check your proof copy.

Born Loser is like 99% ready to publish, but I've been going back and forth on proofs over the last couple of weeks because the cover isn't printing right.  CreateSpace prints much darker than the digital copy should look, so my cover has been almost unrecognizable without additional fiddling.

This is apparently not a new thing - the first Google result for "CreateSpace prints cover dark" is this blog post from over two years ago.  It begs the question: why doesn't CreateSpace just put a warning about it in their cover creation process?  Just something simple, like, "Hey, we use this print setting that you probably don't give a shit about, but it'll make your cover look like garbage if you don't pass word along to your graphic designer."

Anyway.  If you weren't aware and you're publishing a book, be warned.