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Born Loser is Now Available!

Great news, everyone!  My newest book, Born Loser, is now available for purchase!

It's a comic thriller about a group of tabletop gamers who rob a bank, and then do exactly what tabletop gamers always do: screw each other over.  Will our hero, James Rutledge, make it through the weekend alive?  Depends on how much he's been paying attention at Game Night.

In order to drum up more buzz, I'm offering the Kindle version completely for free on for the next five days (now until October 16).  Please download a copy and don't forget to leave a review when you finish reading.

Alternately, if you like what I'm doing and you want to give me the most money you possibly can, please consider buying a paper copy from the CreateSpace store.  It's the same book, but with more of the profit going straight to me.

Hope you enjoy!