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My most successful book yet

You know what's great about self-delusion?  It lets you keep a dream alive.

For example, I have yet to sell a single copy of Born Loser, but thanks to the way I choose to frame data, I can still call it my most successful book so far.  How?  Because I gave away 125 copies during its promotional period last week.

Last time I got all jazzed about giving out free copies, I managed to give away a combined total (from both I Need a Job and Bitter People) of just under 50.  Born Loser broke that total by the second day of the promotion.

Now, I still don't have any reviews - although I can't really fault anybody for that since it's only been a week - and I certainly haven't made any money off it yet, and 125 copies is still a pathetic number compared to whatever Dan Brown just farted out, so I can't say it was an unqualified success.  But that's cool.  It's still progress, and that makes me happy.

Fingers crossed I get at least one good review out of all this.  If you missed the promotion this time around, check back on the blog from time to time to see if there's another one.  Or head over to and pick up a copy, anyway.  It's only $2.99 and well worth it.