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Week in Review: 11/13/16

Movies I Watched in the Last Week

1) Kung Fu Panda 3 - I am getting way too old to follow the action in movies nowadays.  There were at least three sequences in this that just looked like color vomit to me.  The rest of it was alright, though.  Cute and harmless, totally fine kid's movie.

My Rating: 3.5 / 5

2) Avengers: Age of Ultron - I'm not sure why I watch these kinds of movies.  They're so clearly not meant for me.  It's not like it's a bad movie or anything, I just don't really care about the spectacle and there's only like two or three characters I'm ever interested in seeing.  Also, I'm pretty far behind the curve on this and I need some help - what's the current backlash looking like for AoU?  Are we at the point where the people who didn't like it generated a backlash, but then there was a backlash against that and it's commonly accepted that this was not a good sequel?  Or did that backlash generate a new backlash and now everybody's all excited for the next one?

My Rating: 3 / 5

Total: 2 Movies

Minutes I Spent Writing in the Last Week

1) The Worst Superhero in the World - About one hour writing the first draft.  Current length: About 2,000 words.

Total: 1 Hour

The Winner: Movies...

On behalf of America, I'd like to apologize to the rest of the planet for this week's events.  And for the next few years' events.

Sigh.... we'll make it, guys.  This too shall pass.