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The single memory I have of "Waxwork II: Lost in Time"

I ran short on time this week and didn't really watch anything worth reviewing, so I figured today I'd just write about an embarrassing memory of me being an idiot.  Y'know, because nothing makes embarrassment better than sharing it publicly.

Back when Steph and I first bought our house, the perennial fixer-upper with virtually every problem known to man, our usable space was pretty confined.  The third floor was entirely unusable, except for the shitty bathroom that I finally fixed about a year into this blog, and the second floor was entirely unusable except for one bedroom that was painted entirely brown and had completely opaque blinds over the windows.  (The cavern chic motif was present through the entire house, but the bedroom felt especially dark since the floor was also painted brown and there were fewer lights.)

So we spent most of our time in the living room, which was the only part of the house that didn't feel like you were about to get stabbed.

For the first six months or so, we had about a five by three foot block of space in the center of that room that wasn't filled in by boxes, tools, or construction supplies.  On one side of that free space was our couch, which also often doubled as our bed, and on the other side was our glorious TV.

That first stretch in the house was pretty awful, but time has a way of making you remember the positive moreso than the bad.  So almost all of my clearest memories of our first year as homeowners are fond recollections of sitting in our brown, gloomy, claustrophobic, sweaty, non-air-conditioned living room and watching cable TV.

And one of the best memories was the night that Steph and I ordered delivery from one of the many awesome Fells Point restaurants - which were all new to us - and kicked back with copious amounts of rum and beer to watch Waxwork on Comcast On Demand.  I remember nothing about that movie, except that it had Zach Gilligan, everybody in it was an idiot, and I had a good time watching.

We saw that Waxwork II: Lost in Time was also available, so naturally we cued it up.  And I remember nothing about that movie either, except for this delightful exchange about halfway into the movie:

Me: " it just me or did the movie get really quiet?"

Steph: "No, it's not you.  It's quiet."

Me: "Is the sound still working?"

[The movie cuts to a scene in outer space.]

Me: "...what?  Why are they in space?"

Steph: [Mildly annoyed] "I don't know.  Maybe we should, y'know, watch the movie and find out?"

Me: "This... this doesn't look right.  It's all quiet and they're in space?  No... I think this is a commercial."

Steph: "They don't put commercials in the middle of movies On Demand."

Me: "Maybe they started to with this one.  And I bet they didn't program it right and that's why there's no sound."

Steph: [Really annoyed now] "There's no sound because they're in space!  It's not a commercial!  What's wrong with you?"

Me: "No, no, no, no... this is definitely a commercial.  I'm going to fast forward."

Steph: "Don't!  It's still the movie!"

[I fast forward.  The characters we've been watching for the last forty minutes appear suddenly.]

Me: [Pressing play] "Oh, shit, it's still the movie!"

Steph: "Ya think?"

Me: "You want to rewind and see what we missed?"

Steph: ""

I had a good time watching that one, too.