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Purging the Grail

Oof.  I've been writing this blog for almost four years now, and I only really figured out what I was trying to do with it maybe six months ago.

I can't say I regret having jumped straight into it.  I'm not one to sit on a plan.  Although, I am one to beat myself up about trivial nonsense, so who knows, maybe I should sit on plans once in awhile to let them bake.

Anyway.  The point is, I've been poking around with my layout and format for all kinds of things and I've just about settled on where I want to be.  Repeat readers may notice there's been a new design for the last couple weeks - I finally decided to give in and just use a sleeker, pre-built Blogger template instead of mucking around.

One of the casualties, as it were, is going to be the Hipster Holy Grail.  Some of it, anyway.

Huh, now that I look at this post title again, that kinda makes it seem like I'm about to announce that I'm closing up shop.  Not quite.

I like doing my HHG reviews, even though I'm sure the truth (that I'm an aging idiot steadily growing less and less in touch with pop culture and social relevance) is pretty obviously cracking through the veneer I always hope the HHG provides (that I'm knowledgable of film history and/or cult movies, and therefore at all worth listening to).  Plus, the HHG reviews are my main traffic source.

But the thing is, just like the rest of this blog, I started the Hipster Holy Grail without a clear vision of what I wanted it to be.  I didn't even start tracking hipster cred until like a year ago, and I certainly gave too much latitude for "obscurity" with my original selection criteria of 5,000 IMDb ratings or less.

In Lucasian fashion, I've been going back and tweaking past reviews a little bit to assign cred where I can.  (It's taking awhile, so don't expect all of the back catalog to be updated for a long time.)  But that still doesn't go far enough.  A lot of these movies just never should have been part of the HHG in the first place.  So, I've officially revoking the HHG tag from those posts.  Almost 50 of them - that's about a year's worth.

I'm sure this will be a shocking revelation to absolutely nobody.  Still, I can't help but feel that there's some reader out there who might come to my site some day and be like, "Oh, he does those Holy Grail things.  I want to check out his writeup of Malibu Express... what the hell?  Where did it go?"

Needless as it is, I'm compelled to make this announcement just for posterity.  If you're wondering where some of my reviews went, they're still here.  I'm just downgrading them to "regular" reviews so I can keep some kind of uniform mission statement for my bullshit hobby.

For anybody who's enjoyed the Hipster Holy Grail so far, please be sure to let fellow movie nerds know to come by on Mondays.  I've got a pretty healthy mix for the next couple years that should keep it from turning into "Bad Movie Blog #244,207."  And thanks to all who've stopped by.

PS - If you haven't already, go read my write-up of Parole Violators.  To date I hold that up as the singular Holy Grail that I've actually found.  I can even be full-on hipster snotty about it since I wrote my review before "Best of the Worst" brought more attention to it.  (Those guys didn't give it nearly enough credit, BTW.  I consider it must-watch material.)