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I'm drunk and need somebody to tell me if "Cranium Intel" is real

Not slobbering drunk, but I've been drinking.  And it's like 2:30 AM as I write this while coming down from the caffeine pills I took to stay up and do the dishes / clean the house.  So, I'm willing to accept that everything I've just seen is a fever dream coming from the combined efforts of sleep-deprived / substance-induced hysteria and my own wishful thinking.

Can... can you just do me a quick favor and google the phrase "Cranium Intel?"  And can you confirm for me that you're able to get to the IMDb page for it?  And can you confirm that there are nine videos linked therein that loosely resemble FPS video game animation spliced in with stock footage taken from miscellaneous cities (Baltimore and St. Louis among them) with video filters placed over top?

I was lurking on the Something Awful forums and saw a post about this movie, and then somebody went and posted like a shitload of posters for other movies/videos made by the director, Aeneas Middleton.  All of them look like direct-to-streaming animated releases but they all have indecipherable titles and I'm not sure if they're real or not.

And the videos... please, please tell me if the link to Cranium Intel is working and if you're seeing the same thing I am.

Is it a demo reel?  Is Aeneas Middleton a real person, or just a bot that the Internet came up with to spam my computer with Russian viruses and spyware?

The plot for Cranium Intel listed on IMDb involves a government conspiracy to kill a dude who discovered that the St. Louis Arch is a gateway to another planet.  I would unironically like to see that movie.  But now that I've seen the videos... I would very much like to ironically see it.  It looks like the kind of mad genius that you only get once every ten years or so from a Wiseau or a Breen.

It's not just a conspiracy, you see.  The four or five additional trailers on IMDb indicate that we elected a guy named James Whitaker as president of the US, possibly in 2016 (which is very strange considering that IMDb says the movie was released in 2016 and therefore Middleton should have known who the actual candidates were), but then shit got reaaaaaaaaally bad and Whitaker put the entire United States up for sale?  And then we changes the capital of the country to St. Louis for some reason, and then St. Louis turned into a city-state?  And then President Whitaker was implanted with four microchips that the trailers are all too happy to number and describe in further detail for us?

And IMDb says the movie had a budget of $2,400,000?  And that it's based on a series of books?  And that there's already a whole fucking trilogy in the works?

I'm about to pass out.  I just want to make sure I get a record of this somewhere in case I forget that there may or may not be a series of movies called Cranium Intel that may or may not be the next great bizarre passion project from a dude of mysterious origin.

The follow-up posts on Something Awful have indicated they're all fake trailers, which seems likely... but man, hope springs eternal.  Please tell me this shit isn't made up.  Because if this is real, I need to see this fucking movie.  I live for this kind of thing.

(Note to sober / awake self: check those links to make sure they aren't going anywhere with an "xxx" in the URL and then watch the videos again.)