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Fun_Dad_82 Reviews "Independence Day: Resurgence"

Stop what you're doing and ask yourself now: what are the top propaganda film?  There would have to be three contenders.  The Great Dictator, U-571, and Triumph of the Will.  But now, you would have to add Independence Day: Resurgence, and remove another.  But which one?  Vote in the comments.

Independence Day: Resurgence, or IR4 as the kids know it, is the latest liberal Hollywood ploy to make you against alien beings.  They present them all as mindless drones who serve a Queen, but Judd Hirsch is right there!  And a lady president on top of it?  Unbelievable.

But I know from the real experiences of third encounters that aliens are not all gooey types who conquer your planet. Most don't even take over your brain.  They just are exploring the universe for common themes as man, like swimming in pretty oceans and appreciation for fine cigars.  This movie does not think so.  Never since Independence Day was there such a gross misrepresentation.

And the ending?  No.  No no no no, this is all cornballs.  The aliens get sad from there mom's dying and decide to wait around to be suicided.  This is something they DO NOT DO, and more Hollywood lies.

But on the plus side, Jeff Goldblum is gay in it, and that's a positive repercussion.  There would be a resurgence in this house if you know what I mean.  :) ====   :=)     >:)

I give it three smiles!