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A short letter to 2177

Every once in awhile, I think about how rotten things were in the past.  Like, I'll think, "Jeez, we had slavery in America in 1860?  And people fought a war to try to keep it?  What a garbage time to live in."  And when I do that, I have a tendency to round people up - suddenly, all Americans from 1860 are complicit in a horrible social crime rather than just the minority that supported it.

So I have this tendency to look at the distant (and sometimes shamefully not-too-distant) past with disdain.  I'll look at the people of the 19th century as unenlightened cavemen and judge them as a monolith of utter crap.

That's obviously not fair.  Even if a society has some nasty institutions, you can't just dismiss all the people who comprise it out of hand, no matter how convenient that might be.

But more importantly: I'm living in a garbage time, and I don't want people 160 years from now to look at me the same way I look at people 160 years before me.

So, I wanted to write a short message to the future today, in the off chance that my blog is preserved after the second and third American Civil Wars and the impending mass extinction that people are pretending is not happening.

Dear 2177:

We know.

Yeah, we know it's screwed up.  We didn't believe it when Trump got elected, either.  Nobody did.  Even his supporters thought they read the wrong name from the envelope.  And trust us, we've been trying to convince everybody else to limit their carbon.  We are well aware that our planet's slowly turning into Venus, and we aren't happy about it.

And yes, we're well aware of the many social injustices being done to people of color and women all over our country, even though people with financial incentives to protect the status quo are doing their damnedest to convince old people that it's nothing more then "whiny snowflakes."  And we know how foolish it is that we keep deciding matters of science via popular vote, as if that has ever changed facts or data.

But believe it or not, we're actually pretty cool people.  We're a lot like you, I'm sure.  We love our families, even if we don't always show it.  We want what's best for society, even if the message sometimes gets muddled.  And we all try our best to keep in check all the hyper-masculine teenage boys who seek validation through groupthink, even though sometimes they get led astray and join gangs and hate groups.

Please don't judge us for our missteps.  Whatever happens next, we were all trying our best to make the world better.  Some of us will be wrong; the rest of us will forgive them, because we'll likely be wrong about something else later.  If we did our job right, then we'll survive year-by-year to lead to you.  With any luck, you'll figure it out.  If not... well, nobody's perfect.  Keep trying.  We did.

Best wishes,
-A dude from the Barbaric Past