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I wish I knew what a YubiKey was about ten months ago

Frustration, defined: I needed a plot device for Born Loser.  I decided to make said device a USB drive.  I needed to add weight to that device.  I made up an overly-complex and frankly kind of silly back story to go with it.

Then I publish the damn book and find out almost a year later that there's these things out there called "YubiKeys," which are basically exactly what Born Loser needed.  So instead of having the perfect plot device, Born Loser has an okay-if-you-suspend-your-disbelief plot device.

I can kinda give myself an out on this.  I finished writing the first draft of Born Loser in the beginning of 2015, and YubiKeys (and, presumably, any similar technology) have only been available since roughly 2011 or so.  So, it's not like they were especially ubiquitous.  Even now I don't think they're quite as popular as they should be, though I expect that to change rapidly as they get cheaper and word of mouth spreads.

But nobody gets an authorial history along with the books they buy.  You just get the book out of context.  And that means that anybody who picks up Born Loser any time between now and the death of the Kindle platform is going to have a good chance of going, "Huh, why the hell isn't his McGuffin a YubiKey?  What kind of dummy wrote this, anyway?"

I'm tempted to Lucas it and just sneak in a subtle revision when nobody's looking.  The first 300 or so copies that have been sold / given away will still have the original plot, sure, but anybody with a second edition onward would be none the wiser.  Until or unless the book becomes a smash hit, in which case the first edition owners will be lucky because they get to have the rare original versions.

But daydreams aside, there's one glaring flaw with that logic: people haaaaaaate Lucasing.  Half the beauty of art is its intent and the other half is its confidence to go into the world imperfectly.  If I go and correct every nonsense thing that bothers me about a story, I'll never be done writing them.

Still... It would be a pretty good improvement.  And it's not like many people would notice.  And the change wouldn't even take that much effort - just a few paragraphs, really....

Ugh, I need to back away from this rabbit hole now before I start getting upset with myself for all my other stories.  Next thing you know, I'll find out somebody already invented artificial soul implants and I'll be agitated about Bitter People Without Souls.  (Also, maybe some devastating mortal dread about the afterlife and all that, but mostly I'll be worried about my book.)