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Troy Duffy is still making movies

I just read in a Slashfilm post from earlier this year that Troy Duffy is working on a new movie.  Big surprise: it's about vigilantism.  Who knew.

Quick recap for those who don't remember him: Duffy is the writer/director of The Boondock Saints and its sequel.  In many ways he's more infamous for his personality and jaw-dropping rise-and-fall story than his actual work.  Here's the obligatory link to Overnight, the excellent documentary that walks you through the making of The Boondock Saints and gives you a thorough history of what went wrong and how badly Duffy shot himself in the foot.  It's only 80 minutes long and you can watch it on Netflix - go check it out.

Like most naive teenagers, I thought Boondock Saints was pretty awesome when I was seventeen and saw it for the first time, but further rewatches it in my twenties brought to light its many, many flaws.  There's some fun stuff in there, sure, but it's hyper-masculine, stupid, and preaches that cold, angry murder is an appropriate response to perceived injustice.  It ends with the heroes executing a defendant in a courtroom while he's awaiting his trial, which is probably the most perfect demonstration of "not getting it" that you can ever come up with.

And then there's The Boondock Saints II, which is simply wretched.  It doesn't even have the glimpses of charisma and flair that made the original digestible despite being what it is.

So, news of another Troy Duffy movie in the works is, at first, not all that great. I'm partly shocked that he was able to get the funding for it, considering that he's burned so many bridges, and partly I'm just so put off by his politics and the plot that I'm ready to dismiss it out of hand.

....but then again, the fact that he's still making movies at all is a hell of a thing.  I admire him for it.

This is a guy who got chewed up and spat out by Hollywood twenty years ago and has been the butt of everybody's jokes ever since.  For two decades, his only filmmaking output has been related to a pair of Irish vigilantes who are critical punching bags, but despite all odds and frustration, he's kept at it and now he's got his next original project underway.

That's an impressive story, regardless of your opinions of the guy himself or his movies.  That kind of determination commands a lot of respect.  It's inspirational.  There's not many days when I find myself saying, "I hope I can be more like Troy Duffy," but here I am.

Congrats, Mr. Duffy.  And good luck.