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Hiatus, basically

Apologies to my regular readers (all six of you) for the lack of a proper Hipster Holy Grail update today, and also a couple weeks ago.  Steph and I are caught in an ironic spot of trouble with our house right now.  Basically, we went into the move thinking, "Let's pack up as much stuff as possible, but time is on our side because we're in no hurry to move."  And now we're about 99% of the way to a contract, with the stipulation that the house be empty by the end of November.

So, time is definitely, absolutely, positively not on our side anymore.  Whoops.  But also, hooray!  But also, whoops.

I'd love to say that I'll power through all this and come back to my blog week after week with my regular schedule regardless, but that's an unabashed lie.  For all intents and purposes, I'm putting this blog on hold.  I'll be back with regular updates - and hopefully a Halloween-in-Winter HHG post to make up for today - once we're set up in our new house.  Y'know, the house that we haven't looked for yet.  Sigh....

See you on the other side, and Happy Halloween / other holidays I miss to all!