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YA Marketing

Pressed for time again, so just a quick update today.

Last week I had a fortunate mix of both free time (amazingly) and surprise inspiration.  I was able to clock in a substantial chunk of progress on "There's Something Strange About Mr. Brickwell."  Obviously, that's too much good news, so I've had to temper my excitement by worrying about what the marketing will be like once I'm ready to put it out on Amazon.

The problem is that "Brickwell" is intended to be a young adult book - or at the very least, it's YA-friendly, which is good enough.  But none of my other books are YA appropriate.  Not even close.

So, do I use a pseudonym, or what?

I'll have to noodle on that for awhile. Maybe that can be my New Year's Crisis once I have time to think about it.